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 “I met Umberto as a cellist some years ago when he was a student, and he now has become a composer with a rare touch of awareness and sensitivity.
Todays as yesterday I find in his soul the same enthusiasm, a deep sense of humanity as well as the same tension towards utopia that are concretized in his living, brilliant and sheer music, which is evolving along a path that I am following with much interest.”

(Enrico Bronzi, cellist)


for string quartet

Quartetto Indaco
Eleonora Matsuno, Ida Di Vita violins
Jamiang Santi, viola
Cosimo Carovani, cello

ph. by Fabio Nicora

Disegni di luce (excerpts)

for cello concertante and strings 

Enrico Bronzi, cello

Orchestra Milano Classica

ph. by Marco Frigerio

3 pezzi (excerpts)

for solo piano

Maria Grazia Bellocchio, piano

Sulle tracce d’uno spettro (excerpts)

for string trio

Appassionato Ensemble
Davide Moro, violin
Silvia Concas, viola
Umberto Pedraglio, cello

Katharsis (excerpts)

for cello and orchestra

Umberto Pedraglio, cello

Orchestra Sinfonica G.Verdi di Milano

Alessandro Cadario, conductor

Passaggi (excerpts)

for solo cello 

Umberto Pedraglio, cello

Trio! (excerpts – 2nd mov.)

for 12 cellos

Stefano Cerrato, Simone Ceppetelli, cello soloists

On The Bridge Cello Ensemble

Umberto Pedraglio, conductor

Chain (excerpts)

for piccolo quartet 

Alt(r)e Frequenze Ensemble